Serving Santa Clara County’s 1.8 Million Residents

Representing San Jose, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos,
Morgan Hill, San Martin, and Gilroy

We Like Mike!

We Endorse Mike Wasserman for Supervisor 2014

Current County Elected Officials

  • Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor
  • Laurie Smith, Santa Clara County Sheriff
  • Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara County District Attorney

Current District 1 Mayors

  • Don Gage, Mayor of Gilroy and Santa Clara County Supervisor (fmr)
  • Chuck Reed, Mayor of San Jose
  • Steve Leonardis, Mayor of Los Gatos
  • Steve Tate, Mayor of Morgan Hill
  • Burton Craig, Mayor of Monte Sereno

Current Elected Officials

  • Rich Gordon, Assemblymember, 24th District
  • Marcia Jensen, Los Gatos Vice Mayor
  • Diane McNutt, Los Gatos Town Councilmember and former Mayor
  • Joe Pirzynski, Los Gatos Town Councilmember and former Mayor
  • Barbara Spector, Los Gatos Town Councilmember and former Mayor
  • Pete Constant, San Jose City Councilmember
  • Sam Liccardo, San Jose City Councilmember
  • Rose Herrera, San Jose City Councilmember
  • Johnny Khamis, San Jose City Councilmember
  • Terri Aulman, Gilroy City Councilmember
  • Cat Tucker, Gilroy City Councilmember
  • Perry Woodward, Gilroy City Councilmember
  • Curtis Rogers, Monte Sereno Councilmember
  • Larry Carr, Morgan Hill City Councilmember
  • Marilyn Librers, Morgan Hill City Councilmember
  • Val Carpenter, Los Altos City Councilmember and former Mayor
  • Armando Gomez, Milpitas City Councilmember
  • Glenn Hendricks, Sunnyvale City Council
  • Jonathan Brusco, Gavilan Community College Trustee
  • Laura Perry, Gavilan Community College Trustee
  • Doug Ramezane, Los Gatos-Saratoga Jt. Union School District Trustee
  • Tina Orsi-Hartigan, Los Gatos Union School District Trustee
  • Chad Walsh, West Valley-Mission Community College District Trustee
  • Jack Lucas, West Valley-Mission Community College Trustee & former Mayor of Monte Sereno
  • Van Le, Eastside Union High School District Trustee
  • Bruce McPherson, Santa Cruz County Supervisor and Secretary of State (fmr)

Former Elected Officials

  • Sig Sanchez, Santa Clara County Supervisor (fmr)
  • George Kennedy, Santa Clara County District Attorney (fmr)
  • Steve Poizner, Insurance Commissioner (fmr)
  • Becky Morgan, State Senator (fmr)
  • Jim Cunneen, Assemblymember (fmr), SJSV Chamber of Commerce CEO (fmr)
  • Tom McEnery, Mayor of San Jose (fmr)
  • Pat Dando, San Jose Vice-Mayor (fmr), SJSV Chamber of Commerce CEO (fmr)
  • Nancy Pyle, San Jose City Councilmember (fmr)
  • Judy Chirco, San Jose City Councilmember (fmr)
  • Joanne Benjamin, Mayor of Los Gatos (fmr)
  • Sandy Decker, Mayor of Los Gatos (fmr)
  • John Lochner, Mayor of Los Gatos (fmr)
  • Brent Ventura, Mayor of Los Gatos (fmr)
  • Marlyn Rasmussen, Los Gatos Town Councilmember and Clerk (fmr)
  • Suzanne Jackson, Mayor of Monte Sereno (fmr)
  • Erin Garner, Mayor of Monte Sereno (fmr)
  • Sue Garner, Mayor of Monte Sereno (fmr)
  • Al Pinheiro, Mayor of Gilroy (fmr)
  • Laurie Barke, Mayor of Morgan Hill (fmr)
  • Ray Bunt, Mayor of Morgan Hill (fmr)
  • John Sorci, Mayor of Morgan Hill (fmr)
  • Dan Furtado, Campbell Mayor (fmr)
  • Bill Evers, Santa Clara County Board of Education (fmr); US Asst Secretary of Education (fmr)
  • Jane Howard, Santa Clara County Board of Education (fmr)
  • Leslie Reynolds, San Jose Unified School District Trustee (fmr)
  • Phil Couchee, Los Gatos Union School Board Trustee (fmr)

Public Safety, Education and Community Leaders

  • John A. Sobrato, Community Leader
  • Carl Guardino, President and CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Gregg Giusiana, Gilroy Police Chief (ret)
  • Hal Chase, Battalion Chief, Santa Clara County Fire Department (ret)
  • Capt. Duino Giordano, Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police (ret)
  • Dr. Don Prolo, Past President, Santa Clara County Medical Association
  • Dr. Marty Fenstersheib, Health Officer of Santa Clara County (ret)
  • Darrell Evora, Pres/CEO, EMQ Families First
  • Craig Wolfe, Chief Clinical Officer, EMQ Families First
  • Erin O’Brien, Pres/CEO of Community Solutions
  • Steve Kinsella, Gavilan Community College President
  • James Russell, Leigh and Del Mar High School Principal (ret)
  • Cullen Hewitt, Principal R.J. Fisher Middle School (ret)
  • Bob Kieve, President, Empire Broadcasting
  • Bill Barron, San Jose Businessman
  • Dan Bozzuto, Silicon Valley Businessman
  • Fran Hirsch Wright
  • Robert Braunstein, Executive Producer, Cal Hi Sports
  • Rich Firato, Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce Board Chair
  • Mike Fox, Sr. President M.E. Fox and Company, Inc.
  • Jan Garrod, General Mngr, Garrod Farms & Cooper Garrod Estate Vineyards
  • Joe Aiello, Owner of Uesugi Farms, Gilroy
  • Pete Aiello, Owner and General Manger of Uesugi Farms; and Farm Bureau President
  • Louis Bonino, LJB Farms
  • Bill Chiala, Ag Specialist, CalChili Co
  • George Chiala, Chiala Farms
  • Tim Chiala, Chiala Farms
  • Don Christopher, Chairman of Christopher Ranch
  • Bill Christopher, CEO of Christopher Ranch
  • Ernie Fortino, Fortino Winery
  • Gino Fortino, Fortino Winery
  • Ed Burke, U.S. Olympian and San Jose Hall of Fame inductee
  • Frank and Marilyn Dorsa, owner of La Rusticana d’Orsa Estate Vineyard
  • Phil Reynolds, Jr. Chair, Campbell Planning Commission
  • Kathleen Flynn, President, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Association of Santa Clara Valley


  • Santa Clara County Firefighters, IAFF Local 1165
  • CDF Firefighters Local 2881
  • Los Gatos Police Officers Association
  • San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC
  • GilPAC, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce PAC
  • Santa Clara County Farm Bureau
  • Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS
  • California Apartment Association Tri-County Division
  • South County Airport Pilots Association (SCAPA)

titles are for identification purposes only

FPPC # 1355587 :: Re-Elect Supervisor Wasserman 2014 :: Banner photo credit: Peter S. Carter